Best or new Boat interior materials

Discussion in 'Boat Design' started by Sramirez3, Jan 21, 2010.

  1. Sramirez3
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    Sramirez3 New Member

    I am an interior design student and I have been assigneed to design the interior of a yacht.

    What materials are popular and best for boats?
    From pictures Ive noticed wood is very popular..whats the reason?

    Will appreciate every reply
  2. hoytedow
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    hoytedow Helmsman

    Beauty and durability to begin with.
  3. bhnautika
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    Sramirez3 The materials used in interiors tended to be reflected by the style of boat and what size it is. Traditional style boats use vanished and painted wood, modern production boats moulded fibreglass and wood. The use of some materials also depends on their roll in the design, as some may be both aesthetic and structural. They also need to with stand the environment they are in and ware and tear of a moving structure.
    The list of materials used is as long as your imagination but there is a catch, generally the boat industry/owners are conservative and move slowly, as they way up aesthetic, practicality and safety.
    Some other general materials
    Leather ,cloth, metals, ceramic’s, plastic, stone, glass, etc
  4. haru
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    haru Junior Member

    In other words as long as it's not a structural component anything goes.
    As I see it wood has been used because it represents luxury.

  5. Kaluvic
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    Many surfaces are not structural, but are still subject to significant blows.
    Also with the humid environment inside lots of boats that are closed up, materials that absorb a lot of moisture are prone to that wet smell.
    You can see why wood and FG are so popular…you also see Formica a bit.
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