Bertram 1982 Portlights

Discussion in 'Boat Design' started by gabriel, Apr 22, 2012.

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    Hello Guys

    This Issue Of Remodeling My 1982 58ft Bertram Is Becoming Quite An Issue When It Comes To The Original Portlights. These Two Portlights On Each Side Of The Hull Are 8' 9" Long And 9" High Aprox.( See Attachements) I Tried To Look For Replacements Of Large Sizes In The Lewmar Catalog But They Don T Carry Anything That Long .
    Does Anyone Knows Where Can I Find Replacements For Those Portlights?

    Thanks In Advance

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  2. kenJ
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    kenJ Senior Member

    If the frames are still serviceable try They can make you custom acrylic or lexan inserts to replace the current material. New seals may be a bit harder. Google rubber seal manufactures, if they have the profile that you need, buy the correct length and glue the ends together.
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  3. keysdisease
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    Those don't look "off the shelf" to me, and Bertram was great for having special stuff made for them. I know this because I have worked at two suppliers to Bertram that both made custom parts for them.

    Ken has the right idea, find a local acrylic or lexan dealer or even a glass shop if you need replacement glass. Clean them up, prime and paint or maybe send out for powder coating.

  4. viking north
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    viking north VINLAND

    Contact Vetus Marine --Montreal Canada--ask them for the phone number of the Dutch Gentleman that builds custom marine windows. (His name and company un retrieveable from my old memory banks) Great guy does excellent work. I'm sure he can re produce what you need. ---Geo.
    P.S. Just had a memory flashback--company is BOMON-- look it up on the internet for all contact info.--Geo.

  5. Alan Bickham
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    Alan Bickham New Member

    Hi Gabriel,
    Just found this post and wondering if you ever found a seal for the window.
    I am planning on making some and we could work on the design or if you have a mold drawing would you share.
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