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before we creat the mold

Discussion in 'Boat Molds' started by wave dancer, Nov 28, 2006.

  1. wave dancer
    Joined: Nov 2006
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    Location: bahrain

    wave dancer Junior Member

    dear all members

    I am just a new member here, and I feel very glad to join you
    at this family boats building design.net

    I have just one question to you...

    I started my speed boats building with plywood at 1980 then i switched
    to fibre glass boats building at 1985.

    my question is i used to build the boat with wood and plywood then
    cover it with automotive body filler, then epoxy primer and then
    marine enamel paint with hardner then i copy the boat to get the new mold

    but now there is new material which can be applied over the boat
    before i create the mold i dont know what it called or how it looks like
    i've seen one which looks like clear gelcoat been sprayed with spray gun and i can
    see the plywood and all screw's very clearly???

    on the other hand ive seen a vey hard gray clay over one boat
    but the fibre glass factory here refused to answer me about the kind of material
    i think they want to keep it as a boat building secret??

    so is there any cheap way to spray the plywood or modified boat
    before we creat the final mold..

    thank you very much for your help

    and sorry for my bad englsih

    wave dancer
    speed boats builder
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  2. waikikin
    Joined: Jan 2006
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    Location: Australia

    waikikin Senior Member

    Wave Dancer, check out Duratec , they've got like a spray putty, a grey ezy sand primer & black high gloss for plugs that is really good stuff, we used it on a 41 foot cat mold 7 was the easiest fairing work I've done.Some people just use the grey cos it buffs as well. Regards from Jeff.:)
  3. mobjack68
    Joined: Jul 2006
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    Location: Western East Virginia

    mobjack68 Junior Member

    Hey Wave dancer, you really dont need to go to the expense of epoxy primer and catalyzed paint. Get your model smooth and use anything high-build to get it level (high build like Duratec, suggested by Waikikin) and smoother. Last coat can be anything laying around to make it shiny....PVA (polyvinyl alcohol) parting film (or similar mold release) HIGHLY RECOMMENDED before you start building the actual mold ...
    good luck
  4. wave dancer
    Joined: Nov 2006
    Posts: 13
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    Location: bahrain

    wave dancer Junior Member

    waikikin/ mobjack68

    thank you very much for yor quick reply

    I never heard of even seen how the duratec looks like but I will try to
    search for it, the problem here that there is not specific company which
    sell all the fibre glass material, but every fibre glass factory make special
    order for themselves only and not for the customers like me, also they dont
    sell you these materials, even the meguair's release wax they dont sell it??

    so can i spray clear resin by adding reducer and hadner and then sand it
    smoothly and then polish it???

    thank you so much for your assistance

  5. lacasmarine
    Joined: Dec 2006
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    Location: gainesville , ga

    lacasmarine Junior Member

    what i've done is make a plug out of mdf and 2lb foam sand and shape coat over with resin. skin with mat. and fair with poly-fairing compound then spray with deratek high build. sand to fair and spray with deratek. sand to finsh and coat with green wax done.
    note : any screws heads will show up in your mold if you dont sink them down deep and coat over.
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