Battery Sizing and Location

Discussion in 'Boat Design' started by ChrisN67, Jul 25, 2010.

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    I am running two diesels; 6LY2. I am using a VSR so I have dedicated cranking batteries. I chose the optima red top that had 1000 Cranking amps at 32C (I am in warm climate CCA really not an issue) Well the long and short is that the starting batteries are going to be mounted between outboard engine stringer and chine.

    I wanted to place the House batteries in the same location to offset the 250lb genset on the other side of the boat. The engine bay is a totally sealed compartment with transom and forward blukhead.

    Would you put all batteries in the engine bay or place them up front (as per initial boat layout)???

    The boat now has surface drives so I want as much weight as possible in the stern.

    Do most people place batteries in engine room? What if you had flooding..there goes the VHF etc..
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    The batteries can be safely placed in the engine bay, where there is ample ventilation and room for heavy wiring. A somewhat elevated rack, say 1 ft above the bilge, will do fine. Against flooding you have of course two automatic bilge pumps, one of them could also be switched on manually.
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