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Discussion in 'Software' started by robwilk37, Dec 30, 2011.

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    hi all...
    ill go into more detail in the near future but for now im wondering if there is a fairly simple CAD program i can use to mock-up some changes to a 40' cruising sailboat hull im re-fitting. simple dimensioning of the layout, volumes, etc. ill hire an NA for the actual engineering but for now i just want to be able to visualize the changes and maintain the scale. if there is a program that incorporates ISO or ABS OFFSHORE rules or even SKEENS that would be great.

    thanks in advance...
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    Simpel you said? Try newest freeship for hull and calcs. Export igis to rhino, max or other 3d prog -and learning curve gets steeper- for in or exterior changes. You may want to use the cad doll from my gallery for size and a walktrue. Paper and pencil would keep it simpler tho. ABS cad geez, dont know, there is orca for rhino, inventor has material librarys and calcs.. but havent seen ABS as plug-in
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    There are two obvious ways to mock up changes. Either start with an existing model of your boat (or something very close to it) and build the changes in cardboard.

    Or print out the plan and profile view (if possible at the same scale as the lines plan) and overlay some tracing paper or drafting film and draw the proposed changes by hand. You can use drawings of standard items printed onto film, to allow you to evaluate many different options very quickly. In these days of digital cameras, you can also record them easily too.

    As for ISO/ABS unless you are refitting the boat to carry coal you shouldn't be changing the weight too much; consequently let the NA worry about it. That's what you're paying him for. You will only have a problem if the CG moves upward after the refit, or the displacement changes significantly.

    You need to provide your NA with a good guide of what you want. They won't be able (or perhaps want) to reproduce it exactly, as there will be constraints that you haven't thought of.

    Only use the computer when you have a good idea of what you want to draw. Otherwise you'll waste a lot of time.

    Best of luck,

    Tim B.
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