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    I just posted a new base camp article on Slider's blog. This one was suggested by Dave Bolduc, of and Little Cruiser fame. It's a private campground on the Outer Banks from which he and Mindy have explored the area around Ocracoke Inlet.

    Once again, I must beg all you experienced small boat sailors for suitable base camp articles. I have only a half-dozen destinations in the databank so far, but already they get the most hits from visitors. To recap, these are articles on places from which notable small boat cruises can be made. Often they involve campgrounds, though not necessarily. The main thing to remember is that while there are many cruising guides to the areas we'd like to cruise, these are usually written for bigger boats. With light, trailerable, shallow-draft boats, the possibilities for suitable base camps multiply enormously over what is available to larger boats. But there is little organized info available. I don't have the time to research and write all of them by myself, so I need your help. There's a page on the site that suggests the format I need-- mostly I need a header with the base camp vital info organized in a standard way-- but then you can write up the rest of the information in any way you choose.

    Alas, I can't pay for these articles, but on the other hand, I'm not getting paid for posting them. In fact, the bandwidth to make them available to everyone costs me money, and the editing and posting costs me a fair amount of time. But I think this could be a wonderful asset for small boat sailors, if we can just get a critical mass of information up. Think about how great it would be if, when choosing an area for a boating vacation, you could instantly see all the information you needed on where to stay and what to see?

    So, please take a little time, write up your favorite base camp (or camps), and help out your fellow small boat sailors. My email address is available at the bottom of the above page.

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