base camps for beach cruisers

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    A while back I was thinking about how to make my web site more generally useful to the boating community and hit on the idea of reviewing places that are suitable for small boat base camps-- places to begin a cruise in a small boat.

    I have a few examples now, though they are all from the upper Gulf Coast, where I live. A friend reviewed several places near his home port of Carrabelle, FL, and I reviewed a couple places I knew about. You can find these examples here:

    If you know a suitable small boat base camp in your area that you don't mind telling the world about, consider writing a piece for this potentially useful database. Remember that this is for small boats-- there are lots of cruising guides aimed at larger cruising boats already. But judging by the number of hits these descriptions get, there is a growing demand for information tailored to the needs of small boat cruisers.
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