Bar Island Skiff - Hull flip done

Discussion in 'Boat Design' started by CaptChap, Oct 3, 2022.

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    After a day of prep fabricating the posts & beam support structures, I borrowed a pair of come-along hoists, pulled out some heavy rope, and started the process. Since my little garage/shop is only slightly bigger than the hull, the challange was to lift the hull vertically up until the centerline was exactly 43-1/2" off the shop floor, rotate it 180 degrees, then lower it down onto the same rolling cradle that it sat on. I had less than 1" clearance (1/2" top & bottom) at the Bmax, so I had to be very careful when I started the rotation. I got it all the way to the 90 degree point, then three friends came over and helped me control the final stage, and it was all done with nobody injured, and more importantly, no hull scratches!
    Next, after leveling, I'll clean up all the inside exess glue & tape, then remove the temporary framing and start the final framing in preparation for the pilothouse build.

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    That is a tight fit for sure!
    And she is looking very fine - please do carry on keeping us updated with photos and descriptions of your progress.
    Although for future reference, for anybody else who might want to build one of your skiffs, it would be useful if all of your updates were in just one thread, rather than you starting a new thread each time (?).
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    You can get new friends, but fixing the paintjob is a hassle. I agree with your priorities. Congratulations on the boat!
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