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Discussion in 'Education' started by Dec10, Feb 7, 2016.

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    Ad Hoc Naval Architect

    Lesson no.1 of being a naval architect/engineer.

    Be clear and unambiguous when communicating. Brevity is not a sign of clarity!

    Thus when you say "it is not listed"...you meant in the list provided for entry on the website, your qualifications are not in the list, rather than...the entry requirements are not listed.
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    Alright lol, I admit that was my fault.
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    Clarity is the first requirement of a Naval Architect. If you cannot tell someone why they are spending an extra 1,000,000 euros to go 21 knots rather than 19 knots you have failed.

    I have always asserted that confidence in oneself is the first requirement of the NA. When pitching a 3 billion euro deal you have to convince the smart guys with the money that your proposal will achieve 20.1 knots and not 19.9.
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    Okay guys, i know i was wrong, i'll make sure my replies are clear from now on. Sorry. Anyways, back on topic.
    I was looking at this as well, but i haven't seen much people talk about it as compared to other universities like Southampton. I'm guessing it could be because German language is a prerequisite for that course though
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    Hey Dec10,

    I'm currently in the UK at Newcastle University. They have a very interesting range of subjects to choose from: Naval arch, Marine Engg, Offshore Engg, Small craft technology. I believe Newcastle also offer the same sort of degree in Singapore as they've set up a new campus there for Marine & Medical courses.

    Other universities to consider in the UK would be Strathclyde in Scotland (one of our really great lecturers just moved there) and Southampton.

    Outside UK/EU:
    Another really good university is the Australian Maritime College in Tasmania, Australia (another one of our lecturers moved there). Brilliant uni with world class facilities.

    University of Michigan (US)

    University of New Orleans (US)

    A M Menon

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    Having worked with Newcastle grads as well as Strathclyde and UC London (and Southampton) specifically in offshore oil, I would not hesitate to recommend any of them.
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