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Discussion in 'Boat Design' started by jmercer, Oct 2, 2009.

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    I've been alongside of Ironhorse in my dinghy and she is not a beautiful boat but I think Dashew wanted to present something distinctive and/or unusual. Ironhorse is all of that and look what he has done w the boat. He's probably not a guru by accident. Nobody has seen a boat anything like Windhorse. The same man doing the same thing w a boat that looks conventional would not have the same effect. We would not be talking about him or his boat. He's got something to sell and he's doing it well.
    It does look like he's anchored very close to our home.
    Thorne Bay, Alaska.

    Easy Rider
  2. dskira

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    You right, it the reason in same post you quoted I said:
  3. apex1

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    I do´nt have a problem like that! And I do´nt want the picture on my laptop!

    If you would have read my reply on daiquiri´s comment, you would have understood!

    But thanks for trying to assist!

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    I really thought that one of the characteristic of a yacht was to be elegant.
    Since they have no real purpose, contrary to commercial vessel, but the enjoyment of the owner, why been seen on this thing.
    And you have to pay to have that thing?
    I can't believe it.
    But of course this is my two cents, and I am not here to dictate how a yacht should look.
    Everybody is free to spend the money the way they want.
    But the Dashew do not think that way, they have the "guru" syndrome. You follow them, or you don't know what you talking about.
    They are the inventor that a barrel of oil is less expensive that the wind. And they wrote it.
    And they sell books with that trick

    I am long time follower of Dashews concepts...
    There is some points to have in mind, when using their concept:
    1) they always bought the best performing sails (rigs, ropes...) they could afford at the time, next step would be to buy expendable sails high-end racers use.
    2) they buy most economical engines for their "Unsailboats".

    There is a world of difference in price between these two approaches.

    However, for knot-per-knot basis, at ~10...12 knots passage speed in 50 to 60 foot boat (or 84 foot), motoring is really cheaper...
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    English Battleship King George V Class 1943.

  6. dskira

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    I know, I know it is not the same.
    But close enough to wounder how they can have patented.
    Probably the hogging keel was involve in the patent.
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    daiquiri Engineering and Design

    Ah, they have patented the hull? What features in particular?
  8. dskira

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    I learn that just reading the thread.
    I didn't know either. And I don't know the feature.
    My guess will be the hogged keel.
    The shape is a tetrahed type so nothing really new.
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    Daniel, I'm surprised at your dislike of the approach taken to Windhorse. She is a vessel created with an obvious adherence to a very clear statement of requirements. She's not intended to be a show-pony (at least not in the normal 'tied up to the marina' sort of way). I do, however, agree that she could have been a little more elegant without compromise to her SOR - but surely we should celebrate those who are prepared to invest in standing out from the crowd - not simply because they want to be seen, but because the result suits they're needs better...?
    (Of course, the cynic might suggest that standing out from the crowd is more about marketing than enything else...;)
  10. Boston

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    Easy I can agree with your post 61 however there is a certain lack of artistic sense in just about every aspect of that vessel. Its screaming for graffiti and some love, cause thats one but ugly hound if I ever saw it.
  11. dskira

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    Well I will try to explain.
    Remember I said:
    It is not so the boat, its ugly to my eyes, but that is irrelevant.
    What gets me is the spinning behind, the complete marketing domination behind a so call so advance yacht it is quite ridiculous.
    A lot of yachtsman did round the world in beautiful 80' motor yacht, they did for sheer pleasure, they never try to say: I am so advance, I am so good, like the dear Dashew try to message, article after article.
    It's boring.
    And no by a long long shot they are not standing out from the crowd.
    They are just cruising on a boat, and if you look attentively with a very plain design hull. As for efficiency, we have only (and they control that pretty well) their words. That the simple reality.
    It is just overwhelming coverage for not much. They just reinvented the wheel. And the way to resale it.

    Avida Dollar
  12. dskira

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    Even our friend Perm is taken by the marketing.
    "Unsailboat" which is the most utterly stupid word from the Dashew.
    If that is not from Madison Avenue, Colgate Palmolive :p
    You know the
    Very soon we will have the "Unmotorboat" the 'Unoarboat" the "Untender"
    and all the "UN" we can find.
  13. Easy Rider
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    I sure like the King George. Must be classifiable as an axe bow. And (just for us) it's looks like a canoe stern. The lines are so graceful I can imagine the bow easily pushing the sea aside to make way for her full midsections, the water accelerating smoothly around the midships mass and the stern easily returning the sea to it's near static state. She could be more beautiful if the bilge keels were removed and a nice curve was made of her stem and perhaps a bit of flare. One thing about the George's bow that differs from the Axe Bow is the hollowness of the form and the resultant low PC. The axe bow cleaves the sea using only it's narrow entrance to aid it whereas the George pushes the sea aside at an increasing and then decreasing rate .. no sudden moves for George. Anyway I'm moved by her form.

  14. Leo Lazauskas
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    I agree that it is a fine looking ship!

    Interestingly, the greatest hydrodynamicist of his day, Sir Thomas Havelock, disappeared from academic circles just before WWII and worked for the British war effort. His long-time colleague, C. Wigley, had also been working on hulls with similar lines to the George's for many years before the war.

    I'd still like to know what exactly is the patentable feature of the new-fangled axe bow. It certainly looks like they took great inspiration from the George.

    All the best,

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    I agree Daniel that there is great hype surrounding the Dashew's work - perhaps as you suggest, more than their accomplishments deserve. But they are business people and marketing is an essential component to their (considerable) success. If every boat builder / designer / retailer was to be crucified for being óverly enthusiastic' about their wares, there would be scant few of them left...!

    As to the topic at hand...
    A quick search failed to find a patent for the Axe Bow itself. Though I did find one with a bow mounted rudder for a vessel that looks to be remarkably similar. This image is an extract from said patent

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