Awlgrip application seminar in S. Florida

Discussion in 'Fiberglass and Composite Boat Building' started by aalbert, Sep 29, 2010.

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    aalbert Junior Member

    I am working with one of the big Awlgrip dealers here in S. Florida, to have a seminar put on here on the proper application of Awlgrip... I am trying to gauge the amount of interest, as well as drum up interest in having a seminar put on.

    I know I am a new member to this site, but after having read the 500+ posts of the epic Awlgrip thread here, I felt that folks in S. Florida who are on this board might help raise the amount of people needed to make a seminar like this successful for all.

    Please post here, if you are interested, and I will keep an eye on the post. The "epicenter" of this effort is at....


  2. mydauphin
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    I am interested...
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