Australian standard for Fast Craft (High Speed Craft)

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    Dear members of

    You might be interested to know of a new commercial vessel standard that has just been finalized applicable to vessels that operate at 25 knots or more carrying 12 passengers or more (but excluding seagoing vessels 35 m or more which are assessed under the IMO HSC Code).

    The standard can be downloaded at:

    The standard used a graded approach so that a vessel just over the threshold of 25 knots is required to meet what are largely the standards for conventional vessels while a seagoing vessel of length just under 35 metres is required to meet the majority of HSC Code requirements. The standard went through an exhaustive development process that included public comment.

    The standard has not yet been adopted into law within Australia but can still be used for information. While not directly applicable to many users of this site, the standard might provide some food for thought for designers of craft that operate at speed.


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