Atlantic crossing in a coaster?

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    First, let me say that I am a not a sailor, so my question is totally naive.

    Would it be reasonable to do an Atlantic crossing in a coaster rated for RCD class B? Here is an example of a coaster kit for sake of discussion:

    What I would have in mind (if I had time and money) would be to build a boat like this, and then transport it to Europe by powering across the Atlantic, and then use it to cruise the canals of France, Belgium, and Holland.

    It could be the adventure of a lifetime.

    Is this a totally crazy idea, or what?
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    You can buy plenty of boats or better like this in Europe for the same end money or less but if you wanted to kit build then Cat A would be required for any oceon crossing otherwise you may not get insurance and could get into trouble from coast guard agencies. Even if the boat could take it in any weather conditions, the passengers might not with stable barge type motor vessels that roll quite a lot with the wind and waves on the beam. A sailing vessel is less likely to roll with wind in the sails but will be heeled over.
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    in both cases.
    (but a novice should´nt cross the oceans in any size of vessel)

    But this vessel could be brought up to be in compliance with cat A, I would assume. (thicker windows glassing, bigger tanks etc.)
    Contact Branson and ask! They have a smaller boat named "Passagemaker" which is cat A (though that has much too big windows aft).

    They should be able and willing to help.

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