Asymetrical centreboards

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    A little testing

    In my limited testing, the N-2408 series has worked well for my low speed tri- (2-15 kts). They are mostly for leeway control, but the float trunks are set to give some vertical lift and I have tried most of the foils in the center dagger trunk also. I am a former boat dealer with "some" left over boards, plus I have borrowed some from the a-cat fleet. Clark-Ys seemed to have more drag, and a couple of other shapes seemed to stall sooner in waves and coming out of tacks. I can't easily try many different angle of attack settings, which would probably change the results. I am using about a 2 degree initial plus what ever the 0-angle of lift is for the foil. Of course, deeper high aspect boards worked best, but the 2408s are also effective at low speeds and partial depth settings.
    I know its not a very complete test, but it is real world results. The a-boards are faster than the 0009 4.5x1 dagger board I usually sail with, and my boat is quite competitive with other similar boats. I haven't been racing with the a-boards as most of our races are very short, and I would need another crew to manage the boards.
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