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Discussion in 'OnBoard Electronics & Controls' started by momohmarin, Jun 8, 2016.

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    momohmarin New Member

    :!:I need your assistance to solve the problem of the Main Engine appeared onboard our vessel. For the 2nd time, with the propeller pitch increase, the RPM drop until almost stop the Main Engine, which rendered the RPM increase impossible.

    Actually, the speed is around 90 RPM / pitch of the propeller 53%.

    I'm waiting your useful tips:idea:.
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    daiquiri Engineering and Design

    I guess, by the wording you have used, that you are talking about a variable-pitch propeller - is that right?

    We have some really knowledgeable folks on this forum, when it comes to engine troubleshooting.
    But you will have to give much more info about your vessel (type or model, LOA/LWL, displacement, cruise and max speed etc.), the engine model and power, the drivetrain, prop type and diameter, and whatever other additional info you can provide. A picture or two would be useful too.

  3. momohmarin
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    momohmarin New Member

    Thank you for your replay,
    yes, its a variable pitch propeller
    Type: General cargo Multipurpose, 120 m, 9500 dwt, max speed 15 nd, servo type VBS
    Engine: HITACHI MAN B&W - 6S42MC7, 6480 Kw, 136 rpm
    Propeller type: VBS 1280/ODS – fulle ahead 87 mm, full astern 68 mm
    • Propeller System Maker : MAN Diesel
    • Bridge control Maker : Alphatronic 2000 PCS
    • Engine control Marker: Alphatronic 2000 PCS

  4. Adrian93
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    Adrian93 New Member

    Is there any solve for this problem?I am experiecing the same problem with alphatronic 2000 too.When the 'actual power' of engine goes around 60% there's a great drop of rpm and after a few seconds is coming back by it self to original rpm.Then again, after 2-3 minutes the scenario is repeating
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