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Discussion in 'Education' started by athvas, Aug 26, 2013.

  1. athvas
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    athvas Senior Member

    Anybody having article on how to design a ship ? plz share
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  2. jehardiman
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    jehardiman Senior Member

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  3. athvas
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    athvas Senior Member

    Yes jehardiman.... i need an outline only an article of about 300 to 400 words... it's an assignment for me ... It should include the basics of ship design ....i need some guidelines to prepare it.
  4. daiquiri
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    daiquiri Engineering and Design

    "Ship design in 300 words"

    Sounds like a perfect picture of the fast-paced times we live in. :eek:
  5. TANSL
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    TANSL Senior Member

    ... it's an assignment for me.... then my advice is to do your work yourself and do not try that others do it for you. It is the best way to learn, working.
  6. dskira

    dskira Previous Member

    Let me getting right: You want to write an article of 300 to 400 words about something you have no idea about?
    You will be a great journalist for Fox News :D
    Amazing the crap I read.
  7. rxcomposite
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    rxcomposite Senior Member

    300 to 400 words-Sounds like a Reader's Digest version.:D
  8. The Loftsman
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    The Loftsman The Loftsman

    The Keel bar's connected to the Garboard,
    The Garboard's connected to the "A"Strake,
    The "A" strakes connected .................
    and so on in 300 to 400 words


  9. Petros
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    Petros Senior Member

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