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Discussion in 'Sailboats' started by hartley, Jul 11, 2009.

  1. hartley
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    hartley Junior Member

    a young lady by the name of jessica watson ,just 16 years old is about to try and break the around the world record by a female singlehander .the young lady in question hails from mooloolaba on the sunshine coast queensland ,although she will be starting from sydney .some local groups are up in arms about this attempt ,saying it is foolhardy, life threatning,etc etc
    apparently someone has donated a boat a 34 footer ,the local paper has opened a competition for a name for the the boat.a date in september is being set for the start .jessica says she will be taking plenty of chocolate on the voyage,as far as i am aware ( i hope i am right in saying this) the only long distance sailing jessica has done is one trip to new zealand as crew
    ...............all very interesting............cheers hartley
  2. Frosty

    Frosty Previous Member

    Bye bye Jessica RIP.

    What?? what did he say RIP yes --I hope I wake someone up.

    16 year old female will not have the mental stamina. It is ridiculous to think about it.

    Sorry and all that but.
  3. Luckless
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    Luckless Senior Member

    As long as a safety boat is following her, I don't see any problem with the attempt. I wouldn't expect her to seriously break any speed records, but if she really wants to do it and has the chance, then I say let her.

    Of course St. Darwin might be greeting her sooner than later, but meh, death is a part of life.
  4. yipster
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    yipster designer

    Frosty, wishing we was 16 and having a round alone boat donated
    youngest stands at age 17 and 2 single handed boats are try'd by 16 year old's
    why not a lucky 16 year old girl with a ( death ) wish
  5. peter radclyffe
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    peter radclyffe Senior Member

    it cannot be called singlehanded with a safety boat
  6. mydauphin
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    mydauphin Senior Member

    I bet she won't listen to her parents advice...
  7. Frosty

    Frosty Previous Member

    I feel sorry for her for she know not what she does.

    Her parents will expect to live off the fame--or will it be shame.
  8. PAR
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    PAR Yacht Designer/Builder

    I don't know of many 16 year olds that do listen to their parents. I also disagree that she doesn't have the mental discipline necessary. Why is it that a boy of 16 can do this, but a girl can't, please . . .

    It's likely she's studying and training, considering the amount of publicity this has received and the level of corporate sponsorship (who wouldn't want her to fail). Unless the parents have no sense at all, then she'll be as prepared as she can be.

    It certainly qualifies as a solo lap, even if there is a chase boat. So long as she enters the port she leaves, crosses all time zones and the equator, she's made a lap. She can do this with assistance (in the event of repairs, food, etc.) or without, both of which have solo rounding categories.

    I predict she'll make it, though not break any speed records. Go girl and good luck, you'll need it . . .
  9. Mychael
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    Mychael Mychael

    Yeah, well done, wish her all the best. I would think that if the support boat did nothing except be there in case a rescue was needed then she should qualify as sailing solo.

  10. Guest62110524

    Guest62110524 Previous Member

    its a wonder they dont rush through a law stopping her
    Saw too big cops writing a ticket for a girl who was not riding her bike with helmet today
    we have more rules than ANY OTHER LAND, and nobody tries stop the insidious tenticles of officialdom , creeping further into the fabric of our society
    We are also more litencious than any other, and thats official
    Good for her, better than vegging as my kids do, on the pc
  11. Frosty

    Frosty Previous Member

    In rough weather when she will need help the most the rescue boat wont be able to do anything for her but give her advice.

    Going round on your own is an incredible achievement ,one I would not be able to do. However if I had a boat following with spares and a good meal then it has to be said that that would be very very different and serious consideration has to be given to the comment " well its not single haded then is it".

    The whole point and the hardest bit is being entirely on your own and surviving off your own wits, which she isnt.

    She wont even need to navigate and advice on weather and sail choice will be on VHF.

    If she were to be successful would she stand shoulder high with other real single handers.
  12. Guest62110524

    Guest62110524 Previous Member

    yes well for one agree, Soon enuff the 2 boats will get split
    A few calls to woman(who in my opinion is the best single handy of either gender) Isa Autissier, would not go astray
    I wonder if she has tried getting to the masthead in a gale, or even a sea left from a gale, cos this is a must
    Sailing with escort is like climbing Annapurna tied to Reinhold Messner
  13. hartley
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    hartley Junior Member


    I don't know where the " safety boat or following boat '' came about as far as i am aware there is neither .The local paper has had a few articles about the attempt and there was no mention of same .I do know that when Kay Cottee from Sydney did the trip a few years ago there was no safety boat.
    Her route to qualify was was Sydney ,south west cape,cape horn.up to the equator,back down to cape of good hope ,cape leeuwin,south east cape ,sydney.I understand Jessica's route will be the same .cheers hartley.
  14. Guest62110524

    Guest62110524 Previous Member

    yes . I wondered where the 2nd boat came from!!
    Think any round world boat going round Horn should have some W/T sections like an open 60 so at least the thing could stay afloat if it came to it

  15. Frosty

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