Are You Personally Prepared For a Natural Disaster?

Discussion in 'All Things Boats & Boating' started by Submarine Tom, May 2, 2012.

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  1. pdwiley
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    pdwiley Senior Member

    The rest of your posting was redundant.

  2. Frosty

    Frosty Previous Member

    Maybe you should ask for your money back.
  3. rwatson
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    rwatson Senior Member

    Maybe you should provide some creditable reasoning and references to where you think PDW went wrong ?

    I followed all the links on goat introduction ( and did some of my own research eg )

    "Economic impact
    Feral goats are responsible for an estimated loss of $25 million per year."

    "Impact on native fauna

    Feral goats affect the native terrestrial fauna of Australia by direct competition for resources such as food, water and shelter, and by contributing to changes in ecosystems. These impacts are usually undesirable because they reduce the biodiversity of the ecosystem"

    Did you find any adverse information ?
  4. Frosty

    Frosty Previous Member

    No I did not --I was waiting for Mr widley to enlighten us after his attack on a poster who posted his opinion. Mr widley said many things about the person but absolutely zilch regarding why he disagreed.

    We are still in that situation. I am totaly unaware of why a pig or goat can not be planted on an Island . I certainly did not understand the verbal onslaught posted against any one thinking it was normal as do I.

    Animals often pass over vast waters to get to other places even continents. This is nature, the worlds way,-- I am yet to learn why this is so devastating and devastating to what. There is no animal that tip toes a round without eating or damaging anything,---is there

    I do not have the qualifications posted by Mr widley who if these qualifications are real should be able to explain. If not then he should ask for his money back or admit he does'nt know either.
  5. rwatson
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    rwatson Senior Member

    Did not find any good reasons for introducing foreign animals I presume you mean.

    So basically, you cant find a reason from any authoritive source as to why its a good idea to introduce species, but you are waiting for an apology over your unsupported opinion that its a good idea ??

    I gave you two good reasons why pigs and goats shouldnt be left on an island - ( Australia is a big island ) but you are "totaly unaware" ?

    Well - no, they dont 'often' without human help, which is why the weasels and possums decimated the flightless bird population of New Zealand, and goats badly upset other small tropical islands, eg Fiji

    "Fiji's coastal forest is still fairly widespread, but is highly impacted on inhabited islands. In addition, the introduction of herds of goats to uninhabited islands has had a disastrous effect on coastal forests and seabird populations in low islands."

    Well, yes there are actually lots of animals that dont wreak havoc on the vegetation, or at least eat so little that the vegetation is able to keep ahead. Rabbits on MacQuarie Island, Goats in Fiji and dozens of smaller islands are NOT good examples.

    "On 4 June 2007, the Australian and Tasmanian Governments agreed to $24.6 million joint funding to implement the Plan for the Eradication of Rabbits and Rodents on Subantarctic Macquarie Island.

    Macquarie Island's seabird populations and vegetation are under serious threat from rabbits, rats and mice."

    I hope my explanation and links provides some useful addition to your understanding. PDW may be rude, but he is ...... how shall I say it .... right!
  6. Frosty

    Frosty Previous Member

    I have not lifted a finger to look. For the third time I asked Mr widley why he was so against it. I guess he thinks its wrong but doesnt know why.

    I will have to accept your reasons because I dont care --I was just interested why such an outburst from something I thought and still do think normal.

    Again I have no opinion,--supported or unsupported or have had .

    Every post I have submitted has been why?

    Nor have I been waiting for an apology, or if by apology you mean explanation I will have to kiss that goodbye too.

    Yet---you have still given no reasons why releasing animals into a region is wrong. What you have posted is that in your opinion it might have been better in Tasmania if they had not.

    Im sure California feel the same way about the Burmese python and if you want to compare rabbit devastation with how North Thai farmers think of wild Elephants and thier crops.

    Your trying to play God --its all in a food chain wether its indigenous or not.

    Who put you at the top?--- if it was'nt for your imported gun you would'nt be.

    Se La Ve
  7. michael pierzga
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    michael pierzga Senior Member

  8. masalai
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    masalai masalai

    Hi Michael, Frosty and other amused/bemused observers - - hehehe

    A point seems to arise "Why change a bad decision from several generations ago - with a worse one - ?" I don't give a s41t, but end the brainless tinkering and intervention until some outcome has been identified, documented and costed - - - A process that does not create even more damage and devastation to what is there... and that the budget is 'in the bank', to ensure that it all works and is properly implemented...

    personal invective is not really appreciated, nor useful in any way...
  9. BPL
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    BPL Senior Member

    Do you have evidence that there wasn't study given to removing the goats?
  10. Frosty

    Frosty Previous Member

    Seams like personal preferences to me --I dont like rabbits they eat my cabbages , but Mr Wolf says I love rabbits I eat them --yes says Mr fox but Mr smith the farmer with the gun says no.

    So the gun is in charge,--not much to do with nature there .

    Of course I could go on but you get the picture me me me and those pesky mosquitos --wipe them of the planet I hear you shout. I think Gecos like them .

    Man is never happy.
  11. TeddyDiver
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    TeddyDiver Gollywobbler

    It's not about personal preferences, it's about preserving the nature.
    In some cases there are other reasons to consider like up here in scandinavia the climate change makes challanges bcs a lot of southern species are spreading up to "former" arctic areas and there's not much a shotgun can do about it..
    BR Teddy
  12. Frosty

    Frosty Previous Member

    The wild Bison of America was indiginous. These fabulous beasts is what made the planes of North America in there millions --obliterated because of personal preferences of the indiginous American.

    Seals kulled because they waste fish, etc etc.

    The gun is top of the food chain.
  13. BPL
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    BPL Senior Member

    We farmed our way to the dust bowl that way.
  14. masalai
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    masalai masalai

    The evidence is, - - that the effort in the Barrier Reef region was half-assed and spontaneous idiocy with the coconuts (fruit) left to germinate and regrow - the island is photographed on googleearth... and in the case of Pine Island (ex - lighthouse) go and look-see or ask one of the 'lighthouse-keepers' sons, who was living a couple of months ago on Middle-Percy - - Is first hand observation enough?

    The point I am repeatedly making, is that thoughtless removal of one part that may be regarded as "NOT INDIGENOUS", is not the WHOLE answer, as that part may be controlling the 'FERAL TAKEOVER' by something else that was introduced, and could end up by being even more devastating to the local ecology and almost impossible to remove expediently, & cost effectively, if at all...

    Hi Frosty
    Frogs and other things also rely on mosquitoes & larvae to eat... In this region flying fox is infected with what is known as "Hendra virus" which can kill a horse in hours - at best a couple of days and crosses to humans with several vets and horse owners dead from this infection... It is illegal to shoot to kill or scare off roosting flying fox... There are hundreds roosting on the trees outside the library in Cairns - - Wait until a tourist gets infected and dies from Hendra virus, then there will be all hell to pay... Anyone know of a licensed flying-fox shooter?

  15. Frosty

    Frosty Previous Member

    Man can do nothing correct. Nature constantly battles mans exploits in the name of ecology. Nature is what we have by evolution --its been working for quite a while now, long before man stuck his head round the door ( literally) 2 minutes ago and thinks he is in charge.

    In that 2 minutes he has changed climate to warm, coughing and spluttering in our own filth killing animals because he thinks they eat OUR food or there desease may or may not kill our children.

    Poisons the rivers till nothing can live and kulls species and protects others. He is as dumb as he ever was.

    Ecology--- just an 'ology' to get a peice of paper to get a job and make more terrible judgements.

    Half the world eats whales the other half lays down thier life for them,--- stupid Humans.

    Oh by the way would some one tell the ecologists that Giant horn bill Toucans are not rare ---I cant get to the toilet block for them some days. If I shot one I would be taken way to another continent and released.
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