Arctic CatSailing; Winter Olympic Demo Sport

Discussion in 'Multihulls' started by Blackburn, Feb 19, 2014.

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    I've been watching the Winter Olympics in Sotchi, and one of the many highlights there happened today, when Finland put an end to Russia's dream of a gold medal in ice hockey.

    During the last Winter Olympics, in Vancouver, do you recall an attempt by Russell Coutts, Tom Ehman, and Larry Ellison to stage a rival event in Valencia, Spain?

    There were just two races after all that investment of time and money, and aside from a few fanatical multihull sailors and fans, it was the Winter Olympics that soon commanded everyone else's attention.

    But now the French have found a new sailing discipline that might become part of the medal competition, one day?

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    That looks like my kind of 'reality TV'.
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    those look like very rugged packable catamarans, I wonder how much they cost. the Tent cabin is a great idea, good for year round use in most places.
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    Anyone who has stuffed a runner on a DN at full speed will tell you that existing iceboats are exciting enough for TV Olympic coverage. Hummm...why aren't iceboats an Olympic sport?
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  5. Blackburn
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    Some people will believe anything. From Wikipedia/ 'Ice Boat':

    These French jokers had some some amazing luck, in getting a film team to do this footage at the very start of their 'attempt'. Here's another video!

    These videos confirm what film producers always privately think; that the film team is a far more sophisticated operation than the expedition itself.

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