Aqwa Lift operations

Discussion in 'Software' started by jean29800, May 30, 2013.

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    Hello Everyone,
    I am trying to simulate a lifting operation from the crane of a boat to the sea (or a side by side boat, offloading operation). For that I use Aqwa in WB and I meet some trouble to do it. To get the tension in the crane cable during the lift operation (basically a tension in N depending on Time) i use Hydrodynamic Time Response but I never suceeded to get what I want. I have this error in particular : HYDRODYNAMICALLY INTERACTING STRUCTURES HAVE MOVED TOO FAR FROM ANALYSIS POSITION|MOVEMENT EXCEEDS 75%|STOPPED AT TIME = 2.00

    I know its possible to do it using the old fashioned Aqwa-LINE (or to get the analysis.dat .hyd .res files from a aqwa in WB run) then Aqwa-NAUT, I have no idea how to set different position of the package in time domain, how to set cable between the boat and the package. I basically want to get something like that :

    If you have any ideas or questions !


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    It seems your structure is not moored and is, thus moving outside of the calculation area. To increase the calculation area you must go in Geometry and increase Water Size X and Water Size Y.
    Hope this helps.
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