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    Re: Apache Is Back !!!

    I think they are sisters
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    Thad Allen and Apache are doing just fine Check the website at apacheusa.com The new 41 is a work of art..
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    Man, when does the bs stop?

    geese, give them a break, wait and see what they produce, then, AND ONLY THEN, start the comments

    Actually I know for a fact that Thad Allen did not lose any rights to the trademark, he has been assigned them, and is awaiting the correct time to file, as advised by his attorneys. I can also tell you, that he is amazed at the fact if you really want to know, just ask him... I would assume that on the Apache sight in the next day, you will see proof that the mark has been assigned. It goes from Saccenti to Lieske to Allen...... That's where it is...
    Any questions. John Allen His Brother

    Oh, I forgot... Why don't you really suspicious and nosy people, aim your attention at me. My brother is busy enough trying to run a number of business'. He asked me for help, so, YOU GOT SOMETHING TO SAY TO HIM, SEND IT TO ME. JOHN ALLEN STEEKS1313@AOL.COM
    leave him alone and let the guy work. i mean do you want apache to go away, cause he could sell right now for a profit. and ill tell you this, he goes, so does the f------- name. lighten up, and if you must. talk to me, his older brother
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    Who is Thad Allen anyway?I have been around offshore powerboats for 30 years and never heard of this.......gentleman?
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    War Whoop Senior Member

    Apache is a well run and very much Liked Company by the Employees and Suppliers as well.

    Check the Web Site http://www.apacheusa.com/ Then through the PowWow section for more info and Pictures..
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    I see the acorns fell tightly grouped.
  9. Acorns

    Well Pal, you just made a huge compliment. My brother is one of the most generous, kind , guys in the world. But *******s like you, don't deserve a f------- minute of his time or attention.

    John A.
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    Re: Acorns

    I see you have the same eloquence as your brother.
  11. Please


    From what I have been told by my brother, you are a real confidence man. You sit here and write these politically correct comments, when in actuality, you are the one starting most of these mis-truths. You know it , I know it, now many other's no it. Let it go, it wont help your situation. You were not right for the company, and you are still not right. You had plans to market clothing and mass produce a cheap, production line boat. Your time is over in regards to Apache. We can end it here now, or If you like, I can visit Highland Park and we could talk in person.

    You can make comments to Thad, because he's nice, however I don't like your type, you don't even know me, so stop making generalized comments about me and our other 4 brothers. You don't wanna have peace? Too bad, your going to stop now. ok Jack Thankyou
    I hope we don't have to meet, like I said, I really think I would like to stay in the Bronx, I don't like to fly, but I will!!
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    SailDesign Old Phart! Stay upwind..

    principal35000 said:
    "We can end it here now, or If you like, I can visit Highland Park and we could talk in person. "
    " me and our other 4 brothers."
    "You don't wanna have peace? Too bad, your going to stop now."
    "I hope we don't have to meet, like I said,"
    "I don't like to fly, but I will!!"

    That sounds like a good old-fashioned threat to me. And in a public forum.
    Why don't you either keep it to email, or settle it like gentlemen?

  13. War Whoop
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    Sail Sir: I work for Thad Allen/Apache on the Manufacturing side, it is a well run very up to date and clean operation.

    We just got a new large very sanitary lamination facility, The First of the new boats which is the new all CNC’ 41 is on the website... http://www.apacheusa.com/

    And more to follow they have a great designer BTW Look at the new deck...

    And for these “Experts” Here There is a pile of Molds in the Parking area for sale I will give them one Hell of a Deal on the lot of them...am quite sure they will fit their idea of Quality!! But will never Be Thad’s Apaches.

    Sail I know you Guys like straight hulls so do we. Visit us online... Best Regards.
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    Thaddeus & John Allen,

    I have never seen so many do nothing, braggart individuals involved in the practice of slander, insults and bad mouthing as I’ve seen from you and your new organization over the past few months. I have never seen the NEW OWNER of what has now become a NEW START UP COMPANY trying to ride the coat tails of it’s heritage, use the marketing technique you and your organization practice by alienating past and potential clients with your uncalled for, rude, illegible and mostly incoherent public rants and insults on this web site and others. You have orchestrated and choreographed (very poorly I might add) public smear campaigns against people who for years have been held in the highest regard by their industry, which insults the intelligence of all knowledgeable readers, and shows tremendous jealously. In other words, your POW WOW pages are as big a joke as you are. You even insult readers directly. Respect, both personally and in the marketplace is EARNED, NOT PURCHASED. All I have seen from you and your new organization are unethical, uneducated, ignorant mouths spewing unwarranted venom and BS. EXTREEMLY UNPROFESSIONAL. And I’m supposed to buy one of your boats? I think not. I don’t care what you build. How you build it. Or in what facility. As far as the name going away………..who cares! Names don’t build boats or anything else, people do. You and your people build animosity and create enemies. Though judging from what I’ve read from you and your people I should expect nothing else.

    With your attitudes, the attitudes you allow and seem to encourage in some of your employees, and your claim of wealth, you reinforce the fact that MONEY CANNOT BUY CLASS OR CENSE. You two (I really think your one in the same) obviously have neither.

    FYI Thad & John,

    • BRAGGART, as defined by Webster: a loud arrogant boaster - braggart adjective

    • JEALOUS, one definition as defined by Webster: hostile toward a rival or one believed to enjoy an advantage

    • RESPECT, one definition as defined by Webster: high or special regard

    So, in closing I say………..why don’t both of you crawl back in the sewer through whichever man hole cover it is that you came from in the Bronx and take your 2.3m, your plane and your limo with you. I for one have heard and seen enough of you.

  15. War Whoop
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    Whoah Mr. Guest no disrespect intended; but Thad Allen is the second coming of Apache. Mr. Kramer got the BALL really rolling then there was the period of inaptitude as the Crooked Lumpy Resin Bucket Over weight over Priced Junk Purveyors Put the Indian to sleep Big time...

    Then One Guy a Mr. Wilson had an Idea to reawaken the company and through the Internet and with a great site OSO interest in it was restarted. All the Company history is there in huge threads...
    NOW Enter Thad He purchased the Company and has spent the time and resources to start a line of Boats worthy of the Apache name circa 2004!!!!!!

    It’s once again a First Class operation now thanks to Thad Allen … The Second Coming! Of Apache CNCed super faired Polished Masterpieces with the ultimate in boat construction like Core Cell and SP systems Quick Bag and Krypton Infusion...

    Now this is the funniest God dam thing I have ever heard!!!! Now JUST who would you rather deal with or better yet Work for some one who is Broke?? Just asking ….or a wealthy Business Man who wants the Best and will sell nothing less than that??

    A shocking change from the Warped Slob built prehistoric Resin puddle junk that was sold till very recently... ROFLMAO WHO would want a ride on THAT Coat/Rat tail...

    Best Regards
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