anyone have maxsurf surface libary temples

Discussion in 'Software' started by goldhunter_2, Mar 24, 2012.

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    The maxsurf pro 13 I have has a very limited surface library small would be a understatement:D and I am frustrated with making all the little odds and end stuff just to make sure everything fits right. I was wounding if anyone has a more detailed surface library for maxsurf ????? (and mite email or pm me a link to download a better surface library in the iges format)

    I am particularly looking for stuff like stairs, cabinets, electrical icons for wiring plan , heads, showers , deck hatch's , port holes, pilothouse windows, seats, winches, engines, watertight walkway hatch doors, cargo deck doors, doghouses
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    For all those elements you need a drawing program and Maxsurf is not such a program. Rhinos is probably more appropriate than Maxsurf for that purpose.
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