Anyone have experience with the Morgan-designed Columbia 40?

Discussion in 'Sailboats' started by souljour2000, Mar 19, 2012.

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    souljour2000 Senior Member

    Hey can do alot in 4 months if it is your primary focus and you must be experienced usually which sounds like you are..I would love to see some pics of her...I have alot of many I can't think if any right off hand...will have to make a list and try to get back online when I have more time..take care for now...Morgan
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    Hello! I am proudly the new owner of hull #37 and this boat has been pampered. Vessel is in OR and will be moored in PDX, presently in Newport. I am new to this forum and not sure how everything works, but would enjoy communication with other C-40 owners.
  3. Cynthia
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    Cynthia New Member

    Hi SoulJour

    Whatever happened to the Columbia 40 - 1966 hull/chainplates?
    My dad is selling his Columbia 40 (1965) but lots of questions are coming up regrading corroded chainplate on the starboard side. The broker is basically discouraging people to buy as "Because of the corroded chain plate the mast can come crashing down". The boat is in excellent condition otherwise as my dad was very meticulous (stored indoors during the Vermont winters, sailed in fresh water until the past 16 years where it has cruised the waters off the coast of British Columbia. New diesel installed in 2003 (Sole) with just under 700 miles. Curious to know what your thoughts/recommendations are in regards to the chain plate given your familiar with the boat.

  4. Markthemechanic
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    Think I just saw this on, looks like a lovely boat.
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