Any tecnical problems joining m/s with cor-ten ?

Discussion in 'Metal Boat Building' started by globaldude, Apr 15, 2006.

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    Ahoy you teco engineering types, any problem with you're aware of, joining, say cor-ten decks to mild steel hull ?? , electrolisis ? --- I think I'll post this ? elsewhere as well to get an answer. I'm about to build new decks on an exsisting mild steel hull .

    I seem to recall reading in a Bruce Roberts catalog I once purchaced, that he [ they ? ] was not in favour of useing any steel other than Mild steel for construction. Why ?, I don't know, which is why I'm asking you lot !! ?.

    Seems to me, especially on the decks where you're likely to drop something & chip the paint, that 3mm cor-ten would have a strength & anti corosive benifit.
    If money were no problem, I'd go for stainless decks & cabins, as has a friend of mine on his 82' ketch [ it's finished - awesome - twin gardners - powered everything - powerfull rig & sails well !! ]
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    You can use any standard mild steel welding technique to join the two.
    For future ref joining mild and stainless needs welding with stainless wire/rod.

    You are confusing electrolysis with galvanic corrosion above.

    Higher carbon steels can have their problems, but for your deck its a good idea to save weight, corrosion reduction is not that significant. Aluminium can be used for the deck and superstructure of a steel hulled boat too. Needs gasketing but is easy enough to do, else you can buy a bonding strip with steel on one side and Al on the other.

    I haven't seen a full stainless deck yet but it is certainly possible. Modern modified epoxy paints are incredibly tough and are making mild steel a very durable material in a marine environment.

    I hope this gives you some hints
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    Cor Ten required low hydrogen consumables.
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