any good jobs out there?

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    hi my name is jerry ive been a laminator/boat builder for 20 years in my career ive built many different boats,yachts,car parts,a submarine,and a plane. i am currently out of work due to lack of work! i was wondering if anyone knew of a good job out there?? i am very knowledgeable of all aspects of boat building including scrimp/infusions and prepreg fiberglass. mold making service work gel repairs and buffing/fairing. if anyone knows of a good lamination job out there please let me know!! my email is my user name so please feel free to contact me.
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    Jerry, As you may already know Sarasota,Florida and Tampa....or Fort Lauderdale area on East coast are perrenial places to find boat-building jobs in Fiberglass...things seem to be picking up around here again,Chris-craft is hiring(the former Donzi plant) the old plant in Sarasota closed 3-4 years ago. Wellcraft left Bradenton 3-4 years ago too...but there is still a fair bit going on by the Airport here (Chris-craft)...If I were you I'd keep doing research in the traditional boat-building areas...North Carolina has been a good place I think too as it is cheap for builders there and the whole NE market is a a short truck-haul away to the north...good luck!
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    And North Florida as well... I don't know if my job is a "good" job, but it's pretty easy going.

    What part of the country are you in?
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