any body now about this boat design? SSPH design

Discussion in 'Powerboats' started by aitkenkingfish, Aug 10, 2010.

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    Im interested in info on this boat it is a Peter Stolper design form my understanding. I would think the flat drop in the front of the tunnel would cause issues with waves & droping off plane? any opinions the design is a split surface planing hull.

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    I would say it started its life as a standard boat and some idiot not knowing what he was doing tried lots a things and non of them worked ,so was pushed to one side and on to wreck something else .:(
    That panel in the front is down right dangerous and you could end up going through a windscreen ! the tramsom is yet another diasater as well the steps iare way to big and the shape could suck the hull to the water when you were trying to take off . Combined those things and you have a rebuild job on your hands !! but you will have to do some research before you start and really do some home work !!!:eek:
    Do you know anything about tunnel boats ?? :confused:
    How they work? ,
    what makes them work ?,
    and what they are capable of if all is done right and working properly ?:D :p ;) :p :)
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    For what its worth, this WAS a Peter Stolper design. The original boat was very narrow, roughly 5.5' as opposed to the current 8' +/- beam. It was originally a 1/2 scale prototype for a 45' performance express that was being built at the time. This particular boat was given to an employee of System Powerboats, who "modified" it, leaving it in its current form. It's a very large project, and for the right person might have potential.

    With all of that said, we're talking about small money, and I'm anxious to make it disappear, so any reasonable offer will be given appropriate consideration.

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