Any alternative for this kind of 20'container transport?Part 2

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    Lemans Lemans

    What about this....

    A multi purpose, multi shape, multi parts, multi builders open source boat project.
    An invitation for everybody to join forces who fancies this idea.
    One all parts completed it should become a 20' container transporter with living space for 4.
    Connections between vessel components are standard, so interchangeable.
    Info and plans in digitalised form are free of charge, hard copies and/or building parts are the property of the individual builder/designer and subject for paid service.
    Every designer/builder may choose his building material and has total freedom to extend/modify/replace previous designs for his personal use. Free drawing power is offered
    for those who likes to take part in the project.

    I post some designs Just to give an idea of the possibilities of this approach.

    I start with the electric drive for the 'fish-sniper' and the 'city-hopper' both WE boats with a battery range of 20km and an 'unlimited' range on generator power.

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