Another Vinyl Ester vs Epoxy question...

Discussion in 'Materials' started by Jetboy, Mar 6, 2012.

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    It was a $22,000 order and I have plenty of follow on business. I just wanted to order the materials, get a fair price (something below absolute full retail) and pay for the order up front. They blew it.

    Raka has not only epoxy, but good deals on fiberglass. I ordered 18 full rolls, plus tons of tape from a manufacturer, but that is a very large order. Other than Raka (which I've never bought from), I've had good pricing from Fiberglass Supply in WA on glass.

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    I have bought a bunch of epoxy and other fiberglass related items from US Composites and have never had a problem. The worst problem I have had is that they get so busy they can't ship it the next day every time. If you're not close to them like I am, Orlando, then the shipping may eat you up a bit.
    Order by phone not online, faster, easier.
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