anodised aluminum corner posts

Discussion in 'Materials' started by Steve W, Aug 30, 2017.

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    I was just replacing a window on a mid 80's C&C and was reminded of a few details they used to make it easier to assemble an interior that I always liked. The use of the above mentioned extrusion that 1/2" plywood just slots into to make a nice clean 90 degree corner with a nice radius use either horizontally or vertically is of particular interest as I'm sure it was not a propriety product so I'm wondering if anyone here is familiar with this and would know where to buy. They also used a cast aluminum anodized corner for countertop fiddles which may have been propriety.

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    I'm not sure of the shape you're talking about, but if you can justify the cost of a set of dies, you can have pretty much anything you want. I used to use a section that was originally designed for the windshield of a dune buggy. It was a round extrusion with a couple of parallel flanges, which accepted a 3/8" thick hunk of laminated glass. We used it as a plywood edge seal for cutouts, bulkheads, etc., to finish things off. It bent well, usually was anodized, though could be painted and it fit over 1/4" plywood and we used a strip of cork to act as a weather seal, between the plywood and the extrusion. Do you have a sectional shape image?
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    You may also try T-Slots

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    We have all made vertical corner posts for making a 90 degree corner with maybe a 1" outside radius out of teak for a cabinet or settee corner with plywood fronts. That's what I'm talking about, except with the extrusion that C&C used they just slid the plywood into the recess, and they still look like new 30 years on. These days i just rout out the back of the plywood or whatever cored panel i may be using most of the way through, bend it into a form and and glass the inside. I don't have any particular project in mind. Just wouldn't mind finding a source for the extrusion.
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