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  1. cutting edge
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    cutting edge New Member

    i was a teenager and knew everything , a wonderful time to live.
    Medics are still testing bone and don't understand its fracturing , likewise with Antarctic ice shelf and White House staffers..
    Classic Joints with Power Tools - Page 16 - Google Books Result
    isbn:1579902790 - Google Search
    Yeung Chan - 2002 - ‎House & Home
    ... Plate-joinery biscuits are made from compressed beech and are shaped to fit into ...
    A lot of machinery is sold that is sharp to avoid compressing when cutting, it costs money . Do you have a chisel ?Surgical chisels are 2mm thick because thicker blades raise compression and cause erratic damage instead of shear .
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    TANSL Senior Member

    I do not know if I can totally agree with this. Any examples that explain?. What cutting tool are you referring to?
  3. gonzo
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    gonzo Senior Member

    Joinery biscuits are not made to cut. The compressed fibers expand with the water based glue and provide a better fit. Bone fractures are well understood. Like any other material it can be tested for its properties. I really don't understand your reference to ice or staffers and how it relates to cutting tools.

  4. johnhazel
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    johnhazel Senior Member

    The NACA archives might have data from towing tank experiments that would answer the OP questions. They did a lot of tests while looking into seaplanes. Google "NACA Report server" and you should find several repositories of old NACA reports. There was one I used that was in England which seemed pretty quick responding to searches on keywords.
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