angle of thee side of boats

Discussion in 'Boat Design' started by C-mack, Nov 25, 2014.

  1. C-mack
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    C-mack Boat Dreamer

    Question: is there a standard for the angle of sides of different types of boats at the widest point... Like the side of a John Boat. Or say a rowing dory. etc.
  2. lewisboats
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    in a The ultimate usage of the boat, the conditions it will be used in, and finally esthetics determine the flare, angle or flam of sides of the boat. Traditional craft styles will constrain variance if you wish to call it a boat of that style also.
  3. philSweet
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    jonboat - usually about 14 degrees. That is typical for flat bottomed small boats. It is a good way to minimize material for the apparent size of the boat.
  4. messabout
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    Not only what Steve and Phil said, but plumb sided (straight up and down sided) boats also work quite well and in some cases have more initial stability than boats with flare.

    Are you designing a boat or are you just curious?

  5. C-mack
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    C-mack Boat Dreamer

    Thanks for your responds... I'm always thinking in common sense terms, because I have no formal design training.
    To answer the other question I would like to build some thing like the Solo Skiff and two other boats... rowing dory, and when the time is right a craft for the Great Loop. enjoy low speed low energy hull design...always looking, watching and learning.
    I have spent time in my early years as a commercial dragger, bay clam digger, and trap fisheries... in the years following I have been fun fishing in so many different environments and methods.
    so again thanks for your answers I'll just sit in the background and learn from the masters
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