and a properous new year to all

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    and a prosperous new year to all

    its getting closer to the start of the new year in my part of the woods and want to wish all a prosperous and happy new year for 2012.

    Make the most of it, sail your boats, love the missus and kids, make peace with the neighbours, pay your outstanding taxes because if the Mayas, Nostradamus and the doom prophets are right, it may just be our last one :(
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    I already ordered the 2013-3013 calendar from the Mayan print office. It really sucks to have to by one every millennium. I think it is just a marketing ploy, they could just get a bigger rock and easily fit in two millenniums. May you all get many boats in the coming year, and may they all float.
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    Voorspoedige nuwe jaar, Wynand, Fanie, Bertku en ander.
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    Happy 2012 to all and each one of you!
    See you next year, same place. ;)
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