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Discussion in 'Multihulls' started by fallguy, Sep 28, 2020.

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    I am building the Wood's Skoota and Richard is rather busy these days for reasons that do not matter here.

    I will have a lovely 9 foot and a bit trampoline on the front of the Skoota and I am wondering if there is a way I can anchor that will allow the trampoline to be used for a full sundeck; as in say 7 feet.

    The original plans called for a fairlead on the middle of the forward netting beam which would cut right smack across the middle of the trampoline.

    Is there an alternative method I could use that would keep the trampoline clearer?

    I can keep chain and rope in either the starboard side of the center locker or the starboard locker. It is unlikely I can run the anchor under the trampoline as the lockers are quite high to afford us decent bdeck clearance.

    thanks for an comments

    again, Richard is busy, so ask the designer won't help me much

    The botttom of the front of the cabin is the likely location of the trampoline.

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    I know that Ali is not keen on this (re the Metal Shark thread), but could you just have your bow roller for the (self stowing, ideally) anchor on the forward side of the bridgedeck, and then use a rope bridle (attached to strong points on the bows) to take the load off the chain (and make the boat more directionally stable, rather than yawing about)?
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    Try bridling the rhode to both bows.
    -Set the anchor from one bow.
    - tie a bridle line to the anchor rhode
    -cleat the other end of the bridle to the other bow
    - ease out enough of the anchor rhode to match the bridle line.
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