Amount oversize to mill green D-F before drying milling to final dimension

Discussion in 'Materials' started by abosely, Sep 23, 2020.

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    Sort to the pile and get some rift sawn, or the closest he can to VG. If you end up with the green 4by you can mill them at 1 to 1-1/8 to get 3/4 PAR.
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    Hand pick the lumber to get the best quality. If they won't let you sort; don't bother.

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    Yes, nice thing is I can sort through and look for as much rift sawn as possible.

    The lumber yard owner is happy to help, no problem sorting through at all.

    Said he won’t have 600 BF or so needed on hand, but I can go through what he has on hand, and it’s a lot in the different widths.

    Then he will order more in to replenish his supply and I’ll go pick & sort again. :)

    I can go over & pick through each time he gets more in if needed.
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