American Society of Naval Engineers call for papers

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    The Puget Sound Section of the American Society of Naval Engineers is hosting a symposium in Bremerton, Washington on 11-12 September 2002.

    The topic is:
    "Manufacturing Technology for Ship Construction and Repair"

    Papers are Solicited in the Following General Topic Areas:

    "Design for Improved Shipboard Maintenance"
    "Advanced Design for Reduced Ship Life Cycle Cost and Increased Readiness"

    "Lean Production Processes in the Maritime Industry"

    "Project Management for Improved Planning/Execution"

    Computer Technology:
    "Computer Techniques to Support Design and Production"

    Submit 150-300 word, unclassified abstract prior to August 31, 2001. Identify paper title and topic area.
    August and September are the good weather months of the year in the Pacific Northwest. Come and have a professionally edifying and personally satisfying experience with us in 2002. Submit your topic now to:

    Commander Fred Brunson
    Code 300 Operations
    1400 Farragut Avenue
    Puget Sound Naval Shipyard, 98314
    Tel: 360-476-7140 Fax: 360-476-4292
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