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    Well, for those of you familiar with the "Aluma-Jet" and the series "American Jetboat"....get ready for another season!!

    The Aluma-Jet is currently being re-vamped with a Yamaha FXHO engine.

    And that prompted me to create another season of "American Jetboat"

    I have 4 10 minute episodes right now, and will probably have 2 more when it's all done, but none of it will be posted to youtube until the project is completed. Which, it shouldn't be much longer, all I have left to do is hook up and route my wiring harness.

    Anyhow, I do have a preview of Season 2 posted to youtube.

    Here it is:

    If you like the show "American Hotrod" and "American Chopper" you will probably enjoy the series "American Jetboat"!
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