AMC and University of Strathclyde which is more reliable?

Discussion in 'Education' started by luxsamee, May 23, 2012.

  1. luxsamee
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    luxsamee New Member

    I am going to study in Bachelor's of Naval Architecture.
    I have 2 choices between University of Strathclyde in glassgow and AMC; I have to make the decision with in a week. Please give me some advices?
  2. JRMacGregor
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    JRMacGregor Junior Member

    A lot depends on non academic factors.

    AMC is closer to Thailand so will be more in your time zone for communications with people at home. Also, easier to get home for vacation.

    AMC is more of a "small town" feel. Glasgow is a bigger post industrial city.

    Weather in AMC will likely be nicer than Glasgow (wet and not warm a lot of the time).

    UK is suffering from an economic recession - so many public services are being cut. Australia has survived the post 2008 economic problems better than most countries.

    I don't know about cost of living but you should check. Australia has become expensive in the last few years - but I don't know about AMC area.

    Strathclyde has at least one member of staff from Thailand (or did last year). I don't know about AMC - but I know some of the staff there are nice people.

    Probably there is not much real difference between the two academically - but Strathclyde is probably better known in the West.

    On the other hand, you may perhaps make more future contacts for SE Asia if you study at AMC - if you wish to return to SE Asia.
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  3. Yannis At.
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    Yannis At. New Member

    I am applying for Strathclyde as well this January, and trying to make up my mind between Naval, or Naval with Marine Eng. I am also considering Newcastle, which one you think is best, apart from financial factors (since no fees in Scotland)
  4. conceptia
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    conceptia Naval Architect

    AMC tution fee is very high compared to Strathclyde. Both have good reputation.

  5. melvinwangac
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    melvinwangac New Member

    Hi guys, I am a year 2 student from Newcastle University Marine Engineering. In my opinion, all the schools should have their pros and cons. You can compare the world ranking for these school for a start. If I didn't recall wrongly, Newcastle is in top 200 while the other 2 is in the top 400 region. Although I think there is no difference between the schools if you compare it in the marine industry.

    As a student in Newcastle University, all I can share is that it is not easy here. It is deem by alot of student in newcastle university that the marine technology school is by far the toughest course in campus. It requires alot of committment and perservance to complete the course. For example in year 1, you will be expecting to take 6-7 exams per semester with lots of coursework back to back whereby other courses only have 2-3 exams per semester. It is challenging and rewarding if you can make it through the course. I am also considering taking my MSC or MBA in transport management in AMC. It is therefore for you to decide what you want and if you have the time and money you should visit their open house and understand more about the school itself. If you are coming to Newcastle University you can drop me an email and I can share with you more about the school.
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