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    Amateurs have been interested in designing boats long before any software was available. From Planing Hulls: Basic Principles for Layman By Jim Stoltz, Motor Boating, October 1961, reprinted in How to Design Planing Hulls
    It seems to me the time has come to explode the popular notion that no one but a professional naval architect should ever undertake the design of a small boat. How often we laymen read warnings to pattern our home-built craft after a set of plans prepared by a qualified professional designer or better yet, to start with a kit. It is not that I object to kits or good professional designs, but I hesitate to guess where our world speed records would not stand if Ted Jones had followed this advice.

    This is not to say, of course, that everyone can design a boat. Some folks are not sufficiently creative, or perhaps, not inclined to design anything-least of all a motorboat. Then too, the designer must have a meager knowledge of drafting practices. But he need not be a naval architect to make his dream boat materialize. If your are the average do-it-yourselfer who might tackle a boat, chances are good that you can turn out a respectable product of your own design. There are some things you will need to know about boats before you start, and these are the things we will discuss here.​
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    David, that whole Motor Boating series is very good study for an amateur if it can be found.
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    A lot of amateur was designing their boat in the end of the nineteen century. And they designed wonderful hull.
    Of course I am talking about sailing boat.
    If you have the occasion, read the Kunhardt and W.P. Stephens. (D.N.Goodchild, the Woodenboat one is a abbreviated version without all the text, and Abebook around $45 will have it)

    It is fascinating.
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