Aluminum Wharram?

Discussion in 'Multihulls' started by New Dawn Fades, Jan 14, 2011.

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    Well, it is more modelled really, all main parts like hull sheets, bulkheads and beams are designed. The scantlings are done for plywood. Her length is 11.2 m, beam 6.6 m and fully loaded displacement approx. 5 tonnes. Hull shape is simple deep-V. Should easily fit in A-category (EU)

    Bulding aluminium needs recalculation and some remodelling, but is doable.

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    I would be happy to build you some Wharram hulls in aluminum. I am Wharram's US builder. David
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    Aluminium Wharram

    Recently read the Wharram Design Book (6th ed. 2010). On page 17 under 'Other Building Materials' it reads: "For the fortunate few who understand aluminium construction or have access to experts, our designs are convertable..."

    I'm a workshop intern at James Wharram Designs' home and studio in Devoran, Cornwall, UK. They are very friendly, helpful people and always interested to discuss ideas with their boatbuilders. Best times to call are 9.30-12.30 or 1.30-4.30 weekdays, you'll find their number in the phonebook at

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    Thank you, I think I will buy a used Wharram around Florida pretty soon because time is short and used boats are cheap now I hear, and if there is time I may well build an aluminum one later. Perhaps even steel, as it is more bulletproof =)
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