Aluminum pilot house window question

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    Greetings and thank you in advance for your assistance.

    I am building a pilot house on a 21' ex USCG aids to navigation boat. I am to the point of fabricating how I will install the glazing. I would like to consider installing 1/4" Laminated Glass into the openings for front and side windows. The largest of the windows will be 2'0" x 2'6". I purchased a sheet of 5/16" Lexan MR 10, and just cant see how it would ever stand up to wipers in a marine environment, so I ditched the idea for glass instead. I now own a really expensive 4x8 sheet of nice plastic.

    I would prefer to weld in a stub fin (Cut out panel sheet) around the inside of the window openings with .250" aluminum and then use a rubber beaded "weatherstrip" type mounting for the glass. I have also looked at the Diamond Sea Glaze windows with their flanged perimeter frame and backing ring. Weight is a concern.

    My question is, are the "Weatherstrip" type of mountings suitable and burly enough to hold the glass in place under marine duty?

    I appreciate any insight.

    Here bis a picture of the "Weatherstrip"

    Thank you

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