aluminum gas tank

Discussion in 'Boat Design' started by fishinAK, Jan 13, 2011.

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    What would you suggest for two tanks on each side of the bilge approximately 48 x 24 x 24. I know other trawlers like mine have replaced their tanks this way. I know it is a lot of tankage, but, as you know, these are designed to be long distance motor yachts. I don't want to lesson the value of the vessel by not having close to normal fuel capacity for a trawler. Can't they be designed to be tied together with piping rather than hoses?
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    hmm lots of good ideas here. Still cant find a place to buy a plastic tank that has an 80 gal capacity or will build to my spec dimensions? any ideas?

    Has anyone had any experience with the fuel bladders as gas tanks?
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    Piping does not change the fundamental problem but its your boat.
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    Thanks, Tom.
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    The Coast Guard frowns on connections on the bottom of any fuel tank. For diesel I would consider using a day tank and a transfer/ fuel polishing system to keep your fuel clean and engine happy. (Clean fuel helps reliability greatly) I'd be tempted to go with epoxy coated steel tanks as steel can cope better with acids etc.

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    The cross linked poly tanks will be going away if the EPA has anything to say. All the red gas cans will be gone, they want us to use nylon to build the tanks. Nylon is not a good material as it is brittle.

    You can call Ben at Silver Streak boats in Anchorage to get costs to build the tanks you want.
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