Aluminum (Diesel) Tank Design

Discussion in 'Boat Design' started by We're Here, Aug 22, 2011.

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    I'm spec'g out a new build and have a question about a fuel tank design element. This is a just under 30' lobsterboat design that has twin aluminum tanks located below decks. Each tank has a capacity of 80-gallons of diesel. The tank builder is RDS out of FLorida.

    Though there isn't a sump option, there is an effective low point for these tanks. My thinking is that having a second pickup tube that targets the tank's low point(s) will give me the option of easily testing for (or pumping out) fuel contaminants.

    Access to the tanks is out of the question (unless there is a leak, of course) so a pickup tube is preferable to an inspection plate. Does this sound feasible? I'd like to run hose up from the pickup tube's nipple to a location where I can attach a small hand pump but I'm having trouble visualizing just how I'd make those connections work.

    Any thoughts on this entire plan? Should the lower end of these tubes be angled and in firm contact with the bottom of the tank? Any ideas regards a system to allow me to occasionally attach a small hand pump to draw samples yet be secure otherwise?

    Thank you for sharing your wisdom.
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    Sure , sounds great. I have the same rig on a pair of 700 lt diesel tanks for vacuming out bog.

    Also worth considering is a third tank. A Day tank.

    In addition to the vacume out pickup tube, I have a 20 lt gravity fed Day tank. The day tank is simply a 200 mm aluminum tube buried in the keel. The suction...fuel feed on this day tank is near the top , clear of diesel bog sediment and its Easy to unbolt its top and clean the accumulated sediment from this day tube tank.
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