Aluminium centerconsole Boat

Discussion in 'Boat Design' started by phuc, May 3, 2022.

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    phuc New Member

    Dear Gens,
    I am need line plan about Alu centerconsole boat
    Which perform with boat idea below:
    1.Loa: 13m
    2.Bmax: 3.4-3.8m
    3.Power: 500-800hp

    Pls support to me and contact to me by email:
    Very thank !
  2. bajansailor
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    bajansailor Marine Surveyor

    Re your previous thread 5 years ago, did you manage to build a boat with PPC?
    PPC Boat

    Re the 13 metre aluminium centre console boat mentioned above - this is a big boat! Do you have a market for building a boat like this?

    Specmar in Australia have plans for various aluminium motor boats - maybe this one could be adapted for a centre console?
    Specmar Aluminium Boat Kit | 40 FT PATROL BOAT (1524)
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