Almost $500 for a 6" 8/4 16' CVG doug fir board ...

Discussion in 'Materials' started by lewisboats, Mar 4, 2015.

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    for my keelson... Holy Guacamole! It costs more for the shipping... almost twice as much... as the board itself. Even cut into shorter pieces it only knocks about $30 off the total. Looks like I'll have to improvise.

    I have enough decent CVG Doug Fir to do something like this. It shouldn't be too difficult to cut with my new bandsaw (once I get it together and tuned up). I can also build a jig to run it through my finish planer for a smooth joint. This is end on with a total width of 4.5" to be trimmed down to 4"-4 1/4". I can build a jig to glue it up or simply glue it together in situ on the building jig.

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    can't you find something decent at your local big box store? It sometimes takes several trips, but by sorting through the piles of lumber, usually doug fir, I can find something good enough to remill that has enough decent grain I can get several good smaller peices out of it. It helps if what you need is smaller size, so finding a 4x12 for example, it does not have to be perfect, but with enough good material to cut away the less desirable parts leaving you with a smaller piece of clear lumber. I have ripped a fairly good 2x12 into 4 good smaller (1" x 1.5") stringers 16 ft long, with a lot of shorter pieces good enough to use elsewhere. It only cost about $14. Of course I also end up with a lot of kindling, but considering the cost of buying a lenght of "boat lumber", it is a bargain with a little extra work.

    I also find I can often find good clear lumber in old buildings being remodeled or being demolished. If I see that I will often stop and look around at what is being ripped out, I get permission to salvage what I can and save it for a future project. You just have to get it when you find it.
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