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Discussion in 'Services & Employment' started by Maritimer, Sep 19, 2012.

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    I've tried the warm jacket approach, but it's just me, I live in a place with perfect weather 6 months out of the year, surrounded by a few months of nearly perfect weather and must tolerate 3 months of hot as hell, which is why they made central A/C. Today is an example, low to mid 80's, dropped into the high 60's this morning, which is heavy coat weather for us, BTW. It'll remain like this for another month, then stay in the 70's until next spring. Once you get use to this, it's very hard to tolerate anything below 50, let alone the teens. It's like dating nothing but prom queens and then being forced to date your sister's fat friend.
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    Gonzo while you have been here just 2 months less than I, we have both been here a long time, both of us passing a decade of postings this year. Slagging another long term poster is neither professional or a good example.

    You have many more posts than I yet I have a higher rep score ---I guess my posts must have been of more benefit to others than yours.

    As you brought it up your posts are too brief infact so brief they consist of a mere sentence or even less. This is difficult to understand by some one that could'nt understand the subject in the first pace.

    One could say that so brutaly brief are they that unless you have the time to give a proper response it may be said that you should not bother at all. I would disagree with anyone that suggested you should be banned for instance

    But --you -are you and I guess always will be, but your comments on my posts are unfounded and unfair , may I suggest any further criticism of my posts be kept to a PM.
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    Public comments like yours are better discussed publicly. I believe succinct responses are better than rambling ones.
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    Now now children lets get to the job at hand and talk boats and boating we all need a out let so go find a poor dog to chase and wave a big stick at !!.
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    2 sentences, thats bit better is'nt it.

    Rambling ones---just try make them long enough to make sense. Is it arrogance or time limit.

    Actually don't bother I don't care, my honest yet polite advice is wasted on you.
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    What are the working conditions there?
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    To whom are you asking,---me? Tunnels Par who? the op has been gone for weeks

    Working conditions where ? Canada, Thailand China.

    Just trying to help you,---its too short a question. Its pointless.

    Quote what you want to talk about and you might get an answer.
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    It's not that hard Frosty, Gonzo is obviously refering to Canada

    Wow dude get with the program why don't ya
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    Whats he asking me for?
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    I'm asking the OP.
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    Not hard to see the people who spend their day on the web

    If the useless banter is done I'll get the topic back in line.

    Allswater is a consulting firm in Halifax, Nova Scotia. We get involved with a large range of diverse projects and currently need at least two more people with a possibility of five more to that if a contract comes through. We are looking for intermediate designers with experience in steel structures and marine systems.

    The weather here is not that bad as we are pretty much surrounded by the Ocean we do not get the severe winters of inland areas. We also don't get the heat waves in the summer it is a nice climate to live in and enjoy four distinct seasons. Summers are usually 25 to 35 degrees Celsius. Winters can get down to minus 15 degrees Celsius for a day or two at a time but typically stay around the freezing point for January and February.
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    I'm sorry for the noise your thread received Maratimer, and thanks for the on-topic response and getting the thread back on track for professionals who may be interested.
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    Having lived in NS for 6 years, I can tell you that the weather is pretty nice along the coast. Yup, spring takes its sweet *** time coming but when it gets there the summers are really special. If you are one of those that likes changing seasons (like me) you will find the weather there quite tolerable. And the sailing is really heavenly. Fantastic cruising grounds with plenty of truly nice people. They can be a little snippy about Americans but they really don't have a clue how to be mean and end up treating you like family. Halifax is a small city with plenty going on to keep a person busy all winter anyway. Biggest complaint I have about the place is the air fares suck and the pizza isn't as good as in NY city. So what. I found plenty of fun there.
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    conceptia Naval Architect

    Are you looking for summer interns? Im a naval architect graduate student, currently located at New Orleans, and looking for summer internship in 2013 May. Do you entertain such requests?

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    October 19, 2012 End date for resumes

    If anyone is interested in sending in a resume October 19, 2012 will be the end date for receiving resumes for the posted positions.

    We are still hopeful to find the perfect intermediate technologists we need for a couple of positions. Really need a marine systems/piping person, if that is you send in a resume.
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