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Alloy boat building business for sell. Locate in Phuket Thailand.

Discussion in 'Marketplace' started by amtcothai, Jan 28, 2019.

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    amtcothai New Member

    Alloy boat building business for sell. Locate in Phuket Thailand.

    Good location for build and export to Malaysia and Myanmar.


    - Long term contract 10 years rent for land 4800sq Metre.

    - Factory warehouse 750 sq Metre.

    - Hydraulic bending machine size 4000mm. 6mm thick 160Tons ,1 Unit

    - Hydraulic shearing machine size 244mm. 6mm thick ,1Unit

    - Panasonic Mig welder 350A 8Units

    - Panasonic Tig welder 350A 1Unit

    - 5foot Lathe, Bugary

    - 5metre A Crane 2 unit

    - Plasma CNC Machine with HyperTerm size 2x6Metre

    - Boat plan ready to build , Proof in terms of speed ,consumption , soft ride.

    o Monohull 41foot cruise at 30Knots 35PAX with 2 250HP Outboard.

    o Monohull 45foot cruise at 30Knots 45PAX with 3 250HP Outboard.

    o Monohull 53foot cruise at 30Knots 75PAX with 4 250HP Outboard.

    o Power catamaran 50foot cruise at 30Knots 75PAX 4 250HP Outboard.

    - Supporting tool Air pump, Angle grinder, Hydraulic jack , etc.

    - Boat Yard Licenses.

    - Full skilled Labor for alloy boat building if need.

    Price 1.4M USD

    Interesting please contact amtcothai@gmail.com
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