Air Cavity Hulls

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    Hi there all.
    I am in busy doing my final year mechanical engineering thesis at University of Cape town. My project involves the 2D CFD investigation of the Air Cavity Hull concept used to reduce drag on high speed planing craft. I am particularly looking for the following papers:

    Matveev, K.I., 2003, Two-Dimensional Modeling of the Limiting Air Cavity System, 41st Aerospace Sciences Meeting & Exhibit, Reno, NV, AIAA paper No. 2003-0624.

    Matveev, K.I., 2005, Application of Artificial Cavitation for Reducing Ship Drag, Oceanic Engineering International, 9(1), pp. 35-41.

    Matveev, K.I., 2007, Very Fast Planing Craft with Artificial Cavitation, High Speed/High Performance Ships & Craft Symposium, ASNE/SNAME, Annapolis, MD.

    If anyone has access to any of these papers, or any other papers that might be of interest to my thesis, please post a thread or email me. Thanks. Anja
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