After market engines trim switch?

Discussion in 'OnBoard Electronics & Controls' started by the brain, Nov 23, 2017.

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    After market engines trim switch?

    Some how the lower down part of my engines trim switch got jammed in (can’t trim up or down w/ engines switch and it effects the binnacals control like when I trim up then let off the button it continues to trim up until I press the trim down on binnacale.

    So if I want to trim from engine at launch and retrieval I have to remove cover and jump the triangle plug.

    I assume the three wire switch was designed to have red as 12VDC blue and green are for up/down.

    The OMC switch is $90. new. until I can obtain a used one I see them on ebay for around $25. can I waterproof then hang a after market type switch outside cowling?

    Here’s the alternative switch it mite just fit the orginal switchs hole

    Boat Marine 3 Pin Up Down On/Off/On Momentary Toggle Switch Panel 12v 150A | eBay

    Thanks TB
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