Affordable 9m Catamaran

Discussion in 'Multihulls' started by Xpert, Jun 23, 2020.

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    I thought those figures given were off the mark, but I've not long woken up ! :)
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    Yes, you're absolutely right, in the overall hull construction cost, the manpower is the biggest expense not the material cost. I would estimate it 25% to 75% for UK,
    this is the reason why a vast majority of boat building company moved to SEAsia or SAmerica.

    Carbon Fiber + Honeycomb technique is really not that different then Fiber Glass + Foam, the only difference is that carbon is 5 times more expensive then fiberglass, have to be more careful with offcuts, honeycomb in general is more difficult to cut (power tools are the best) than foam, which can be sliced with a cutter or so.
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    I used to work building yachts, the only way to make a small fortune is to start with a big one.
    Did you hear about the boatbuilder who won the lottery? When asked what he would do with the money he said “I’ll just keep working till it runs out”
    It’s a tough game, as soon as your moulds are done someone will ask you to add 3’ in the middle and change the rig from fractional to masthead.
    And everyone will want European quality at a Chinese price.
    At the top end of the market their is room for it, not at the bottom. Building a 30’ mono it started as foam sandwich vinylester hull and deck with a lot of teak in the fitout and finished up polyester with corematt and a plastic interior moulding in a race to the bottom, it was a Bruce Farr design, maybe 20 boats built and the moulds can’t be given away for free.
    So.... carbon fibre honeycomb Catalac- lipstick on a pig. Sorry.
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    Xpert, take a look at this pricelist then look at the pictures.
    Price list | VIKO YACHTS
    Made entirely in the EU, please observe how the base price interior looks for boats that are designated as "sportboats". This is the market reality you have to compete against.
    As for cored construction, with foam you can do one shot infusion. Using honeycomb is going to be much more time consuming and that translates to cost.
    You can choose the icing on your plan, brexit or corona.
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    That would be like trying to sell 1988 Ford Focus cars. It is an antiquated design that does not fit the modern market.

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