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    Hello. I am just now realizing that my dream of designing boats could easily be reality. Thanks for all the good info. And from what I can tell there have been quite a few mixed reviews on the different schools. I am trying to make a decision about the whole thing and feel that the people who are currently enrolled or graduated have the best information.

    I grew up in Seattle, a minute from the beach, owned my own hobie 18 when I was 16 and raced for my high school for 2 years (not multihull.) My team went to nationals three years in a row (and maybe more since, I haven’t been kept up-to-date) and although that was almost 6 years ago, and I haven’t been racing much since, that was an invaluable experience that I will always cherish. In high school I took three semesters worth of drafting and cad classes. Design is a passion of mine and I am confident enough to say I am very talented at it. Most recently I was at Oregon State University for three years working towards a degree in Civil Engineering. Bogged down with the amount of physics, math, and off-hands irrelevant crap that I needed to graduate I withdrew from school. I might go back I might not, but right now I want to do what seams most interesting and fulfilling and boat design and construction sounds freaking sweet. I most recently noticed that Westlawn is now offering a bachelors degree through a University in New York. The cost of the individual courses is an issue, time is not. The long distance (online) courses are the only ones I am really interested in. I believe there are only two. I am leaning towards Westlawn because it seams the more professionally orientated program. I realize that there are lots of threads about this but can anyone give me a straight up answer considering my background? A Sailor, surfer, windsurfer, and all-around water man sending his appreciation. Thanks


    Ps. If background really has no play on what school you go to then let me know as well
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